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The Latest Cloud Nine and Wahl Products

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Wahl products give back to the hardworking men of today as they continuously add cutting edge technology to new innovations most especially grooming tools for the whole family including your pet. From hair clippers to therapeutic massages to home pet grooming products, they have everything a man, woman, and their best friend will ever need to stay groomed all throughout the year.

Men do not need to be vain to stay properly groomed in today’s modern world. Get to know an extensive line of versatile men’s grooming Wahl products and see how you can make your man’s grooming routine way easier and faster.

Women, in contrast, stay on top of their grooming needs with only the best yet smallest trimmers. They are extremely handy and perfect for travelling but remain gentle enough to not cause any skin irritations or breakouts.

You have got the top of the line grooming tools but have you got the environmentally friendly products to match it?  Make sure to check out De Lorenzo Hair Care products that are known for their strong and honest commitment to their environmental responsibilities.

On the other hand, Cloud 9 has been known to revolutionize hair dressing and styling forms with innovative and professional hair care line. They have given hair care tools a major overhaul that not only offer performance but complete control and power.

The Cloud Nine Iron made this company ultimately famous and paved way for them to penetrate the US market. To follow through the success of their first ever release, we saw “The O” that is a reinvention of the traditional styling roller. As brilliant as it is, it gained the Innovation of the Year award by the British Hairdressing Business Committee.

The latest from Cloud 9 would be “The Wand” that lets users choose the type of curls whether they want it big and loose or tight and small. It also features three temperature settings to ensure hair health at all times.

What is the Best Flat Iron? Knowing What's Best for your Particular Hair Type

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If you are searching for the best flat iron to help you flatten out your thick and wavy locks, this is the right article for you. Many people, particularly women are asking “what is the best flat iron” and many will provide different answers. This is because not all flat irons work on different types of hair. The same goes when you are going to purchase hair care products. When straightening your hair, it is always best to know your type of hair so that you’ll know what type of flat iron you shoulduse to achieve a desirable outcome.

What are the different typesof hair that you should know about?

Basically, there are four different types of hair that you should always keep in mind when purchasing thebest flat iron and straightening your mane. Some people get it wrong because they never bothered to learn about their particular hair type. However, if youare confused yet you are still determined to get a straight hair, you can use GHD straightener. This particular brand of flat iron works best on all types of hair flawlessly.

These are the different essential types of hair that you should remember when shopping for flat iron and otherhair care products:

Straight hair. This is the type of hair that many people want to achieve either by hair straightening tools or through natural method. In order to maintain the straightness of the hair, you can use hair grooming products such as the American Crew.

Wavy hair. This is the type of hair that needs minimal effort of straightening. This is one of the reasons why most flat iron works smoothly. Wavy hair types can be easily flattened out with simple swiping of the flat iron. Some people with wavy hair have just simple waves at their hair tips. The flat iron will be extremely beneficial and easy to use to relax this certain portion of the hair.

Curly Hair. This particular hair type is definitely a challenging hair type to straighten. People with curly hair tend to get poor results in their hair straightening projects because they forget to consider their own hair type.

Kinky. This is the type of hair that African-Americans have. If you have kinky hair type, use hair care products such as Cloud Nine to condition your mane prior to using a flat iron.

This way, you can flatten out those extra-tight curls without rendering too much damage in the process. Now that you have an idea aboutthe different types of hair, you can now easily plan how you will use your flatiron. You also have to know that a flat iron becomes the best flat iron if it works smoothly in your hair type. After flattening out your hair, use Moroccan hair oil to your newly straightened hair for additional shine and smoothness. This way, you can easily restore the moisture that your locks have lost during the hair straighteningprocedure.


How To Use Argan Oil: Hair Care With Argan Oil

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Argan oil, also termed as Moroccan oil, is a natural essence that could be used in various ways. Generally, this oil is recognized for its ability to help cure certain skin and hair problems. This product has been used by women since ancient times to make their hair healthy and shiny at all times. These days, there are thousands of hair care products that incorporate Argan Oil on their ingredients. If you are shopping for hair care products, you can certainly find some of these products that use Argan Oil.


To know how to use Argan Oil,the following are some handy tips you can use:

  • It is suggested to use pure Argan oil to achieve the best results, especially if you use it for your hair.  The tocopherol (a form of Vitamin E) found in Argan oil of the purest form nourishes the hair and strengthens the strands.  The virgin (unprocessed) form of this oil usually available in bottles, which you can apply on your hair like a regular leave-in conditioner. 
  • Protecting your hair with Argan oil is effective, especially if you usually use heat when styling hair (like when using Cloud 9).  The oil creates a barrier to prevent your hair from drying due to excessive heat, and its effects usually last longer than typical styling creams. 
  • Since Argan oil contains natural compounds, it is rather unlikely that your hair would react unfavorably to its ingredients.  Unlike synthetic products, Argan oil is less likely to irritate your scalp or skin.  In fact, you can even use this oil to make your skin get an even tone. 
  • Using Argan oil by itself or using hair products that contain this oil can help youtake care of your tresses properly. You can use this side by side with GHD to bring out elegance in your locks.


You shouldalso remember that just like other hair care products, excessive use of Argan Oil will surely bring harm to your hair. Try to use this product in strict moderation so that only greatness will come out of your locks. There are some people who, in desperation to outshine other people’s hair, use Argan Oil excessively.They abuse the use of this very important and sensitive product. The result turned out worst than they have imagined. Testing your scalp’s reaction is the first thing that you should do to check whether or not your hair will react to it.



Step by Step Guide on How to Curl Straight Hair

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Straight hair is nice, but it is also somewhat overrated. If you want to stand out, you should sport a new hairdo. Trade your boring, straight hair for some exciting curls. Here are the steps on how to curl straight hair:

1. Wash your hair with the right products. Before you curl your hair, make sure that you wash it so it is not oily or dirty. Use a good shampoo and conditioner. Try the clarifying shampoo from Kevin Murphy. It contains anti pollution agents and tropical fruit acids to stimulate the scalp, get rid of excess oil, and cleanse the hair deeply. Kevin.Murphy hair products are safe, effective, and organic.

2. Curl your hair with a flat or curling iron. Choose a reliable brand of flat or curling iron, and be careful when handling it. Do not forget to apply heat protectant on your hair so as not to damage it. Frequent usage of flat or curling iron can leave yourhair dry, brittle, and dull if you do not use heat protectant products.

3. Slather on some Moroccan oil. This oil can make your hair shiny without leaving an oily residue. It can strengthen brittle hair and nourish the scalp. It can also soften your hair no matter how thick or unmanageable it is.

These guides will surely give you the results that you are looking for. Now, it’s time to make yourfriends jealous of your magnificent curly hair.


How to Have Beautiful Hair

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Redken hair products, Paul Mitchell, Pantene, L’Oreal, Herbal Essences,Pureology, and Kevin.Murphy hair products are all effective in keeping the hair clean and healthy. They are widely available in stores both offline and online. They are endorsed by models and other celebrities. You see them in commercials, magazines, and on the Internet. Nonetheless, these are not the only products you can use to achieve beautiful, healthy hair.

One secret to having really beautiful hair is using Moroccanoil. This oil, which came from the Argan trees in Morocco, is also known as Argan oil. It is used by a lot of women due to its numerous benefits. One of its major benefits, for instance, is that it can reduce frizz and moisturize the hair. It has hydrating properties that are similar to that of olive oil and coconut oil. It is ideal to be used by women with dry and coarse hair.

This oil is also suitable for women with dyed hair as well as to those who frequently use hot rollers,blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons. Each day your hair becomes exposedto the sun, smoke, dust, and dirt particles. If you abuse it more by regularly dying, curling, or straightening it, it will become dry and prone to breakage soon. In order to protect your hair and repair damages, you need to use Arganoil.

Argan oil can make yourhair shiny, healthy, and protected against the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. It can keep your hair soft, smooth, and moisturized all day long. It has vitamins and nutrients such as phenols, vitamin E, and vitamin F. It will not leave a greasy residue or buildup on your hair and scalp. So instead of using hairspray to style your hair, you should just use this oil.


How to Use Hair Clippers

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For those people who are tired of paying tens or hundreds of dollars on a haircut, clippers can be a good alternative. Using clippers is very ideal especially for those who want to be creative on their hairdos. Using hair clipper is very easy to begin with and you can be sure that you can have the kind of hair style that you want.

Usually, hair clipping happens after shower. This is to prevent the small hair from sticking into clothes. When the hair is wet, it is easily managed and cut into desired length. If this is yourfirst time to cut your own hair, here are some guidelines that you can use to ensure your safety while using a hair clipper:

  1. Carefully choose the guard size for your hair. When using hair clippers, make sure that you have the right guard size. The guard size determines the length of the hair that you will be clipping. Wahl Clippers is the best hair clipper in this kind of grooming task.
  2. Hold the hair clipper and work it against your hair’s growth direction. By going against your hair’s growth direction, you can easily cut it. If you do otherwise, the blade will slip on your hair especially if you condition it regularly. Moreover, it will only produce uneven cuts. Check your progress using mirrors.
  3. Don’t go too fast or else you might harm your scalp. Many people go too fast when clipping their own hair. Because of this, they harm their scalp leading to all sorts of infection making them unable to use their shampoos or conditioners for a while. Remember that the hair clippers working using a high speed spinning blades. Work your way slowly on your bangs, sideburns and nape.
  4. Blow-dry your hair. When your hair is dry, you can easily see the results of the clippings that you’ve done. Aside from blow dryers, you can dry your mane using a clean and dry towel. The best hair dryer for this task are Parlux hair dryers.

If you have straightened your hair using GHD straightener or any kind of straightening products and you want to have a shorter hairdo, using a hair clipper is definitely the best way to go. Also, remember to have enough mirrors if you want to get a good haircut. However, if you’re too afraid to risk having a bad haircut, you can ask your friends or loved ones to do it for you.


How to Do Wavy Hair

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Whenever you go in a party, you would notice that most of the women who are there have wavy hair or at least they have prepared for it before going. They become the envy and center ofattention because their wavy hair gives emphasis on the woman’s naturally beautiful face. Having a natural straight hair can sometimes be difficult especially if you want to try a different hairdo. If you want to give yourself a wavy hairdo for that specific occasion, this article can help you achieve your goal.

First, if you don’t want to damage your hair due to excessive or improper use of chemically-based hair careproducts, you can choose to curl your hair through organic or natural methods. There are plenty of hair care products that can repair and nourish you hair before curling it. By using these products, you can be sure that your hair will be protected against harmful elements present on hair curling products. One of these helpful hair care products is Cloud 9.

Here are some useful tips that you can use on giving your hair some waves it need:

Your hair must be properly washed and conditioned before curling it. This can protect your hair against damage during the curling session. If you want to give your hair some waves without using any kind of products, braid it and then let it be for about 8 to 10 hours. Make sure that the braid is tight enough. After that period of time, remove the braids.

If you want to use hair care products for giving your hair a little wave, it is highly suggested that you try using rollers. Also, you can use narrow-barreled hair curlers to provide more intricate curls on your hair. After curling your hair, use Moroccan oil to give your hair extra protection and shine. This way, you can be sure that your hair is not damaged and stays healthy after curling it. The Wahl Clippers Australia is a set of hair grooming products that you can also use before curling your hair. You can purchase this online or you cango to your nearest mall and buy it. If your hair is a little wavy and you wantto give it more natural looking waves, you can try to straighten it first using GHD hair straighteners. This way, you can make sure that you evenly curly the hair strands. After that, you can proceed with the curling process mentioned above.





Where can I Buy Hair Extensions

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Using hair extensions is a good way of accentuating your hair. Usually, you see hair extensions being used by celebrities and fashion models on their pictorials. However, not only celebrities and models can use hair extensions. As a matter of fact, you can use this magnificent hair accessory to yourself as well. The first thing that you need to do though is to locate the store where hair extensions are being sold.

You can find hair extensions being sold on some shops in the mall that is exclusively dedicated to hair care products and services. You can also ask salons where they purchase their hair extensions. The salon personnel can give you advice about the right hair extensions that you need to purchase. Another place that you can check out is the internet. You can research to your heart’s content about the places where hair extensions are being sold and its cost as well.

When applying hair extensions to yourself, there are some hair care products that you can use in order to ensure the firmness of the extensions to your mane. Without these hair care products, you cannot hope to make the extensions appear natural on your hair. These hair care products are Redken and Moroccan oil. The Moroccan oil can add extra shine and moisture on your real hair while Redken will take care of the styling aspect. If you want to trim down your hair just a little bit, you can use Wahl clippers to make sure that the extensions and your real hair are well balanced.

You can also watch video tutorials on how to install hair extensions on your own through video hosting websites like YouTube. By learning from these videos made by professional and amateur hair stylists, you can be sure that you are doing the right thing. After you have discovered some techniques, you can even make your own video tutorials and teach other hopefuls.



How To Care For Hair: A Guide To Proper Hair Care

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As opposed to popular belief,knowing how to care for hair does not only mean getting as many hair care products as possible. This means that you have to take care of your hair while considering all the basic requirements in achieving a naturally healthy and glowing hair.  With this, here are some tips to remember  when going through your daily hair care regimen.


When washing your hair, make surethat you use just enough shampoo to remove all the unwanted particles in it.  Gently massaging your hair while washing it gives the roots a boost; and you can do so by slowly running the tips of your fingers through your scalp in a circular motion.  Rinsing thoroughly will prevent residues onyour hair and scalp.


Extra Tips: If you use shampoo and conditioner separately, wash your hair with shampoo from the roots to about 2 inches away from the tips – this will prevent it from drying and getting split ends.  For the conditioner, apply it 2 inches away from the scalp and make sure that it reaches the tips – this will prevent residues in your scalp while promoting hair growth.


Blow-drying and Brushing

If you use a blow-dryer, hold ita few inches away from your hair.  This can still effectively dry your hair without removing all the natural oils that your hair produces.  On the other hand,brushing your hair gently will reduce the chances of hair damage.


Hair Treatments

Giving your hair “a little morelove” with the help of special ingredients, such as those found in Cloud Nine hair treatments, could help nourish your hair easily.  These treatments were specially formulated togive your hair the nourishment it needs.


Hair Care Tools

 Treating your hair the way professionals do without having to spend too much would surely be an advantage.  As an example, GHD Australia products that are developed by actual hair care experts could enable you to style your hair without much difficulty.  Guys can also get this benefit with the use of even the simplest tools, such as the Wahl clippers.  With the right design andfunctions, these tools provide a hassle-free means of styling hair appropriately.


Essentially, knowing how to care for hair effortlessly can be accomplished by maintaining good grooming habits.  Exerting extra effort to have healthy tresses would give you the benefits that can boost your confidence, and make you look and feel good all the time.