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What is the Best Flat Iron? Knowing What's Best for your Particular Hair Type

Posted by [email protected] on August 28, 2012 at 2:15 PM

If you are searching for the best flat iron to help you flatten out your thick and wavy locks, this is the right article for you. Many people, particularly women are asking “what is the best flat iron” and many will provide different answers. This is because not all flat irons work on different types of hair. The same goes when you are going to purchase hair care products. When straightening your hair, it is always best to know your type of hair so that you’ll know what type of flat iron you shoulduse to achieve a desirable outcome.

What are the different typesof hair that you should know about?

Basically, there are four different types of hair that you should always keep in mind when purchasing thebest flat iron and straightening your mane. Some people get it wrong because they never bothered to learn about their particular hair type. However, if youare confused yet you are still determined to get a straight hair, you can use GHD straightener. This particular brand of flat iron works best on all types of hair flawlessly.

These are the different essential types of hair that you should remember when shopping for flat iron and otherhair care products:

Straight hair. This is the type of hair that many people want to achieve either by hair straightening tools or through natural method. In order to maintain the straightness of the hair, you can use hair grooming products such as the American Crew.

Wavy hair. This is the type of hair that needs minimal effort of straightening. This is one of the reasons why most flat iron works smoothly. Wavy hair types can be easily flattened out with simple swiping of the flat iron. Some people with wavy hair have just simple waves at their hair tips. The flat iron will be extremely beneficial and easy to use to relax this certain portion of the hair.

Curly Hair. This particular hair type is definitely a challenging hair type to straighten. People with curly hair tend to get poor results in their hair straightening projects because they forget to consider their own hair type.

Kinky. This is the type of hair that African-Americans have. If you have kinky hair type, use hair care products such as Cloud Nine to condition your mane prior to using a flat iron.

This way, you can flatten out those extra-tight curls without rendering too much damage in the process. Now that you have an idea aboutthe different types of hair, you can now easily plan how you will use your flatiron. You also have to know that a flat iron becomes the best flat iron if it works smoothly in your hair type. After flattening out your hair, use Moroccan hair oil to your newly straightened hair for additional shine and smoothness. This way, you can easily restore the moisture that your locks have lost during the hair straighteningprocedure.


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