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How To Use Argan Oil: Hair Care With Argan Oil

Posted by [email protected] on July 30, 2012 at 10:50 AM

Argan oil, also termed as Moroccan oil, is a natural essence that could be used in various ways. Generally, this oil is recognized for its ability to help cure certain skin and hair problems. This product has been used by women since ancient times to make their hair healthy and shiny at all times. These days, there are thousands of hair care products that incorporate Argan Oil on their ingredients. If you are shopping for hair care products, you can certainly find some of these products that use Argan Oil.


To know how to use Argan Oil,the following are some handy tips you can use:

  • It is suggested to use pure Argan oil to achieve the best results, especially if you use it for your hair.  The tocopherol (a form of Vitamin E) found in Argan oil of the purest form nourishes the hair and strengthens the strands.  The virgin (unprocessed) form of this oil usually available in bottles, which you can apply on your hair like a regular leave-in conditioner. 
  • Protecting your hair with Argan oil is effective, especially if you usually use heat when styling hair (like when using Cloud 9).  The oil creates a barrier to prevent your hair from drying due to excessive heat, and its effects usually last longer than typical styling creams. 
  • Since Argan oil contains natural compounds, it is rather unlikely that your hair would react unfavorably to its ingredients.  Unlike synthetic products, Argan oil is less likely to irritate your scalp or skin.  In fact, you can even use this oil to make your skin get an even tone. 
  • Using Argan oil by itself or using hair products that contain this oil can help youtake care of your tresses properly. You can use this side by side with GHD to bring out elegance in your locks.


You shouldalso remember that just like other hair care products, excessive use of Argan Oil will surely bring harm to your hair. Try to use this product in strict moderation so that only greatness will come out of your locks. There are some people who, in desperation to outshine other people’s hair, use Argan Oil excessively.They abuse the use of this very important and sensitive product. The result turned out worst than they have imagined. Testing your scalp’s reaction is the first thing that you should do to check whether or not your hair will react to it.



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